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Published: 10th February 2011
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Pharmaceutical companies, the Russian unique challenges and opportunities. Unhealthy bad habits are not uncommon in Russia; smoking and alcohol consumption in Russia is very popular. According to CegedimDendrite's analysis report, 70% of Russian men and 30% of Russian women smoke, 27 million people die each year of diseases caused by smoking. Russia also ranked first in youth smoking.

Risk factors for cardiovascular disease is also widespread in Russia, died of cardiovascular disease each year about 140 million people. Convinced that Russia's HIV infection of up to 2.4 million. Such as lung disease, cancer, liver disease, lower Cholesterol , Blood pressure and anti-HIV drug sales provide an important opportunity. Government in the past three years, funding for health care each year, 2010 health care expenses are expected to increase. It is estimated that 70 to 80% of Russian Drugs Imported.

Encourage innovation and localization of drug manufacturers

The same as in Brazil, the major multinational pharmaceutical companies scrambling to develop the Russian market. Sanofi - Aventis has again become one of the protagonists. November 2009, Sanofi - Aventis and Russian state-owned industrial group Rostekhnologii wholly owned subsidiary of Prominvest signed a Memorandum of Understanding to confirm Sanofi - Aventis intends to use its insulin plant in Russia as a test pilot project participation Pharmpolis project.

Pharmpolis project is the Russian government to encourage innovation and pharmaceutical manufacturers native of initiatives aimed at attracting high-tech platform for manufacturers to provide adequate resources and efficient business environment, the appropriate network of suppliers in order to promote growth of pharmaceutical market .

Sanofi - Aventis goal is to create a way for suffering such as Diabetes Like serious illness patients are early diagnosis and treatment of the environment. According to the Russian national diabetes register information disclosed, diabetes is a priority concern of Russia, 3 major disease of public health, affecting 2.5 million patients with type 2 diabetes. If patients with undiagnosed, it is estimated that 1,000 million.

AIDS Russia is also a growing problem. According to Russian official statistics, as of June 30, 2009, Russia's citizens for the 494,074 AIDS patients registered in the name of new cases per year to 55,247 names.

Take into account this situation, Roche Pharmaceutical companies with the Russian Viriom in October 2009 signed a licensing agreement allowing Viriom companies in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan an AIDS therapy development and commercialization of new rights. Roche will Viriom provide a new non-nuclear Acids Reverse transcriptase inhibitors, pre-clinical candidates which, Roche's sales in these markets will receive license fees, and keep developing the product in other regions and commercialization rights. Viriom company in Russia to develop these innovative compounds, including preclinical studies and started in 2010 clinical study.

Import substitution program Conventional way in the Russian business is very difficult, complex and opaque process of drug registration and had lots of manpower and time. Drug molecules are not patent protected, and the production process is patented. Therefore, the Russian 60% to 70% of the drugs are generic drugs.

Based strategy consulting firm Frost & Sullivan's analysis, the recent Russian government initiated the development of Russia's health care plan could lead to Russia Medicine Major structural changes in the market. The government-led project aims to improve health care quality and effectiveness, thereby enhancing the overall social welfare. To achieve these goals, the Russian government plans to introduce compulsory medical insurance for outpatient hospital with modern medical equipment and qualified candidates, the establishment of electronic health record system, by strengthening the control of prescription drug sales to stop Russia now very common self-treatment.

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