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Published: 10th February 2011
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the face of this pulsator and drum

Washing machine The two martial, many consumers want to buy washing machines confused, not knowing what to buy. A large mall

White Sales executives, according to him, choose which one based mainly on their own family situation, lifestyle and economic conditions by choice.

wear rate under different choices of fabric of different types. Such as wool, silk clothing and more, the proposed purchase

Washing Machine ; As to the main washing cotton clothes are recommended to choose

Washing Machine . Drum washing machine simulation hand rub, wash, Uniformity, low wear rate, clothing is not easy winding; Washing Machine Washing Machine Wash degrees higher than the 10% rate of natural wear 10% higher than the drum washing machine.

washed clean and wash degrees if required, the proposed buy Washing Machine. If washing with room temperature, then washed pulsator to clean rollers need to be clean, heated wash. But sometimes a heated wash some clothes on deformed.

laundry laundry if requested time is short, the proposed buy Washing Machine. Pulsator Laundry time is short, usually in 40 minutes, while the drum Zexu 1-2 hours. In addition, post-pulsator can effortlessly add clothes. Now half-way roller can also add some clothing, but it is not very common.

cheap price, if required, the proposed buy Washing Machine. Reporter learned from the mall, pulsator prices are usually 1-3 thousand dollars, drum in the 2-4 thousand dollars, with the former is cheaper mid-range of more than 1000 yuan. Recently some computer market intelligence biomimetic, network-based digital remote control, sterilization type of health-type washing machines and other new technologies, price up as high as 4,5 thousand dollars or more.

Water and Power Saving Power Saving from the point of view, pulsator and drum great deal of diversity. Drum will consume some, but more water. Drum washing machine washing power of 200 watts usually around 60 degrees Celsius if the water temperature added to the general wash our clothes have to l00 minutes, power consumption of 1.5 degrees. In contrast, Washing Machine 400 watts of power generally about a clothes washing up only 40 minutes, less than 0.5 kWh. In water, the drum washing machine is about 40% of Washing Machine ~ 50%.

national habits: The nation which also used the washing machine, the Europeans like to drum, and the Japanese like pulsator. The city's purchasing practices from the public view, in recent years, a certain share of roller upgrade, but overall, pulsator still account for more than 70%. From the outside, the roller may be more fides like it, many of them are directed at this, the psychological hold fashionable to buy the.

Purchase information 1, wear clothes in the small in this respect, the drum is indeed smaller than the pulsator's, but for most people the family is in fact, this is not such a big seller said the actual use. Did not wash clothes so as not wearing bad. In addition, if the really good clothes shop also Naqu dedicated to dry up.

2, at home with the elderly, the drum would be more inconvenient, because the clothes have to squat down to take place on the waist and legs of the elderly poor is a burden.

3, whether in the pulsator or drum has a number of high-end model, prices in the 4? Seven thousand dollars, the price of washing machines, usually to the other party to "learn" from each other, close to a number of technical indicators. Can be considered high-end users.

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