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Published: 10th February 2011
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[HC office supplies network] May, one next to a holiday. May 26, the king of Nokia N97 has a grand release, and the parallel version released before the N97 has already begun Fashion . From a price perspective, 51-day promotion of small holiday specials, the part of the special models out of stock situation, an increase in price, especially popular part of the user concerned about selling the Nokia models, prices showed a slight fluctuation state . That the whole of China in May Mobile The market price in the end it showed what kind of situation? Internet Consumer Research Center conducted a correlation analysis on this ZDC.

A market overview and main findings

Distribution of the price range :1000-2000 yuan price range is still concerned about the mainstream users, and user attention ratio than in April rose by 4.1 percentage points.

View from the overall market price index: price index showed a downward trend, and the fourth week, the largest decline. The beginning of the end of the price index drop of over 3.6%.

From the overall market Mobile Average price watch: As various factors led, in May the average price mobile phones increased by 42 yuan higher than in April.

From different types of cell phones: 3G mobile phone The highest average price, in May more than 3000 yuan; followed Camera Phone , Smartphones ; Music phone The lowest average price, 1,718 yuan.

From the average price of mainstream mobile phone brand to see: most of the top ten mobile phone users concerned about the distribution pattern of the brand than the average price in April there have been some changes. Nokia, LG There the average price rose, the average price of other brands still in various degree.

View from the price cuts the number of products: in May the number of products than the overall market price cuts in April significantly reduced, prices were unchanged. Samsung Still "bargains King", the number of Nokia's price cuts in April less than half.

Second, the overall structure of the market price

(A) distribution of prices (Map) in May 2009 China's mobile phone market with different price range for the user concerned about the distribution

Can be seen from the chart, in May 2009, the Chinese mobile phone market, ,1000-2000 yuan price range for the largest proportion of users concerned, 45.7%; followed by 1,000 yuan, accounting for 22.3%; 2001-3000 per price range was concerned about the proportion of users was 17.2%; 3001-4000 yuan price range was 9.9% of the users concerned about the ratio; 4,000 yuan or more high-end mobile phone users were concerned about was the proportion of 4.8%.

(Map) in April 2009, in May the Chinese mobile phone market with different price range for the user concerned comparison chart

Last picture shows in April and May the proportion of different price range for the user concerned comparison chart, as shown, May ,1000-2000 Element end price range of user interest than the proportion in April expanded 4.1 percentage points, while 2001-3000 yuan price range of user concerns scaled down by 5.1 percentage points less than 1,000 yuan, 3,000 yuan more than the low-end and high end mobile phone users concerned about the ratio is relatively stable, little change.

ZDC that the low-end, high-end mobile phone use groups is limited, and relatively fixed, mobile phone number and prices relatively stable, so the user will not be concerned about a major change in the ratio. The mid-price mobile phone user group for the largest cell phone models rich, the largest number of products, and Financial Crisis and the impact of high-end consumer continues to shrink, so most months the proportion of its users has been showing concern about the expanded Trend .

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